Sylvester Stallone Rocky Signed Red Everlast Glove Display (Online Authentics)



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Why The Fan Cave?

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Each item provided by The Fan Cave comes with our Certificate of Authenticity. This shows our company address, AFTAL dealer number and holographic Redtooth Memorabilia sticker. There will be either an item description, item description with stock photo or where possible, a signing photo from the session printed on the certificate.

We make sure that all our signed items are either collected at our own signing sessions or through a limited number of trusted partners who we've dealt with over many years and are respected within the industry.

COA example

A wooden framed signed boxing glove display from Rocky 3. The Tuff-Wear glove has been signed by Sylvester Stallone and mounted with a custom etched plaque and iconic black and white photo, from one of the most emotionally driven moments in the franchise history against Mr T's Clubber Lang.

This item comes with additional authenticity from Online Authentics. 

Approximately 690mm x 480mm x 150mm